Andy Murray is one step closer to returning

Two times champion of Wimbledon Andy Murray is one step closer to his return to the court. His rehabilition apparently is going well , after undergoing a surgery for his hip in January. The British star was in video posted on Facebook, which shows him hitting balls on a wall in his hometown Oxshott. Also he is going to start the London Marathon next month.

The British player is hoping to return for Wimbledon in the summer.

“Of course I would love to,” Murray said earlier in the month. “It is my favourite tournament to play.

“But if things were going really well and I was continuing to progress but I didn’t just feel I was quite ready, then surely it makes sense for me to wait and potentially play longer than for one tournament, rather than being, ‘OK, I need to rush back because it’s Wimbledon’.

“I have lots of tests from over the years. If I am much slower than I was, let’s say in Australia, I am not just going to go and play if I can’t move properly.”