Conflict brewing between Federer and Nadal against Djokovic

Last week Chris Kermode announced that he will step down as President of ATP , folowing the ATP Players summit at Indian Wells. Apparently there were two factions at the summit, with one backing Kermode’s term,and another faction that wants changes to be made. Among the most notorius names are Federer and Nadal who support the current president, and Djokovic who almost said outright to the media that he is in the group that won at the summit , making Kermode step down.

Federer and Nadal spoke to the media, diplomaticly saying they are irritaded by this turn of events.

“I tried to meet Novak on the deadline. Unfortunately, he had no time. That’s hard to understand for me,” Federer said, in comments translated from Swiss-German.

“But it is OK. He certainly had a lot to do with the whole story.
“I asked him if he had time to meet me, it was so busy. He suggested that we see each other the day after, but everything was already decided. We have not met yet and the tournament [at Indian Wells] has started.”

While Nadal says that he was not consulted about the decision, which is actually understandable given the fact that the Spaniard has not been at the players council since seven years ago.

“It was my decision to be outside of the politics,” said the 17-time Grand Slam winner. “But at the same time, I am disappointed that nobody came and explained why, what’s the real reason of we don’t have Chris continuing running our sport.

“The guys who are in the council, at the end of the day, represent the rest of the players. They don’t represent their opinions only. Normally, they have to ask the players about what they think to make a crucial decision like this one, and I really hope that they did with the rest of the players. If they did it, is great. It was not my case. I have my phone with me. So nobody text me to speak about or to ask me about what’s my thoughts about that decision.

“If a lot of players says this [that they weren’t consulted]… probably the guys who are running the council, they didn’t make the right job, because they are there representing us, so normally they have to ask what’s our opinion.

“I really believe that after 18 years, 17 years around this sport probably I have a good perspective of the things that can work well, other things that don’t work that well. I will be happy to hear why that [Kermode’s removal] happened, and of course what’s going on now.”

“I will be happy to hear why that [Kermode’s removal] happened, and of course what’s going on now.”

There are no new comments about the situation from Novak Djokovic.