John Isner full of praise for Federer

Previous champion of Miami Open, John Isner, was full of praise for his opponent and this year’s champion Roger Federer. The American talked about the match and the quality of his opponent to the media.

“Roger was too good. In the first five games, I was fine,” Isner said. “Nothing was bothering me. He was all over me. Then this weird pain on the top of my foot, we’ll see what is. I’m hoping it’s nothing, but we’ll see.”

Previously in the tournament Isner’s serve was the weapon he used to defeat his opponents, but in the final Federer managed to counter it.

“There have been some players [to handle my serve well]. He just does it a little bit differently. He just kind of blocks it back. Whereas Novak, when he’s locked in, he just kind of rips it back, doesn’t block it too much,” said Isner. “Roger was standing in close as well, just reacting very well and very fast to my serve. I mean, he’s something else.”

“You were entirely too good this whole tournament. You were entirely too good your entire career. It’s absolutely incredible what you’re doing. We’re so lucky to have you in this game.