John Isner is going to defend his title at the final of Miami Open

Defending champion of Miami Open is again at the final of Miami Open. He won against canadian teenage rising star Felix Auger-Aliassime with 7-6(3), 7-6 (4).

The game was close between the two players, with Isner’s experience giving him the upper hand needed to win the duel. In both sets, Auger-Aliassime was leading with up to 5-3 score , but Isner managed to use his serve. He scored 21 acepoints. In the end , the semi-final was decided in the tie-breaks. It was where Isner momemntum was key to his victory. This was the end of a spectacular run in the tournament for the young Canadian.

“For sure (it was) nerves,” said Auger-Aliassime. “It’s like I caught a virus or something. I don’t know. I couldn’t put a second serve anymore.Even the first serve, if you put it in, you don’t have to hit the second serve. That’s just very tough to swallow.”

John Isner talked down the importance of him defending his title.

“I just looked at it like that: there is no pressure, really. It’s just another tournament,” Isner said. “Just because I did well in it last year, if this was eight years ago, I might have felt that pressure. But now, I don’t ever think about defending points or anything like that… I used to worry about that, but I don’t anymore.”